Cycling injuries

Cycling injuries fall into 2 categories.

  1. Traumatic where people fall off their bike and injure common areas such as shoulders and hips.
  2. Atraumatic where cyclists experience undue discomfort during or after the ride. The most common areas are the lower back, neck or knees. In this case it is sometimes about the bike and very often it’s about the body and the training errors.


Assessing all possibilities including:

  • Musculoskeletal assessment in relation to your injury – normal consultation fees apply


1 Initial consultation (one injury) 1 hour* $95
2 Standard consultation 45min* $80

*Bike assessments can be arranged at Giant cycles and if required can be performed by myself 0402680196 or my colleague James Thornton Physiotherapy 0407230800

Cost: on application.

  • Discussion regarding training history both past and present and technique in relation to your injury (included in consultation)
  • Treatments may also include exercise prescription, massage, manual therapy, dry needling and training advice in relation to your injury

*Bike assessment

  • Using a video/bike fit app we gather appropriate measurements and apply the current evidence to find a comfortable fit for you on your bike
  • We assess you in relation to your body dimensions and injury concerns
  • We refer / consult with the bike mechanics at Giant for appropriate changes
  • We will often prescribe exercises to address strength or flexibility issues relative to your discomfort
  • We can reassess after a period on the bike

What to bring:

Please bring your bike, shoes, and Lycra or whatever you wear on the bike and a water bottle.

Please note this consultation may take 1-2 hours .

*HICAPS and EFTPOS facility available and Medicare (EPC referrals) accepted.
*Website consultation prices quoted apply to Wollongong office only.

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