Running injuries

Running injuries are almost always associated with a change in routine and relative change in running related activity. It’s influenced by the experience of the runner, their past history, their general health and their mechanics.


  • Discussing a detailed history about your health, and training – searching for the errors that may have resulted in overload of your injured area
  • Musculoskeletal assessment of your current strength, flexibility and stability function
  • Exercise prescription to address your muscle imbalance and running technique
  • Massage manual therapy and dry needling as appropriate to assist your initial recovery

*Normal Initial and standard consultations costs apply


1 Initial consultation (one injury) 1 hour* $95
2 Standard consultation 45min* $80

Additional services

  • Video analysis –Usually at the athletics track or at a park
  • V-move sensor technology –This involves wearing sensors via an APP on your shins that pick up real-time data about your landing patterns and impact forces and most important how symmetrical you run when out on a normal run
  • I piece this information together to help you formulate a plan to stay injury free or improve your resilience and efficiency on the road

Costs: on application

*HICAPS and EFTPOS facility available and Medicare (EPC referrals) accepted.
*Website consultation prices quoted apply to Wollongong office only.

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