Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is the 4th most common area of musculoskeletal injury or pain. It becomes more prevalent with age and often is associated breakdown of the function of a group of muscles called your Rotator cuff.

Tendinopathy typically occurs following periods of excessive tissue loading or may be attributed to a once off unaccustomed load, following a sustained period of excessive loading or returning to loading following a break, this may occur following a holiday or a period of illness. As a consequence the tendon attachments, bursa and shoulder joint become irritated .
The shoulder is then sore to lie on and becomes increasingly difficult to lift away from the body or above the head.


Initial Consultation and Assessment

Investigating the reasons for you experiencing shoulder pain and how it affects your function. If we establish that then we can formulate a plan so you can control your pain and re-establish your shoulder function. If necessary I can refer you for appropriate imaging such as x rays, ultrasound or MRI and guided cortisone injections.

Initial treatment based on your assessment will most likely include :

  • Modalities such ice or heat therapeutic ultrasound and taping to reduce your pain
  • Manual therapy and soft tissue massage
  • Specific exercises to improve your movement and re-establish your rotator cuff function

Follow up treatments (Standard consultations)

  • Progress the exercises prescribed and add:
  • Specific exercises to strengthen your shoulder for the future
  • If applicable-exercises and advice for other weak areas of the body such as your hips and lower back if it is relevant to your shoulder function. This is often a factor in the sporting and ageing population
  • Advice regarding efficient and healthy shoulder function

Pre and post op management (Rotator cuff tears, instabilities, fractures and shoulder replacements)

This includes providing education, and exercise prescription and pain relief strategies as required as per the surgeon’s protocol. Initial and standard consultation costs apply.


1 Initial consultation (one injury) 1 hour* $95
2 Standard consultation 45min* $80

*HICAPS and EFTPOS facility available and Medicare (EPC referrals) accepted.
*Website consultation prices quoted apply to Wollongong office only.

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